From Idea to Implementation: Crafting Code that Delivers.

About me:

  • Freelance fullstack developer with 8 years of professional experience building web applications.

  • Experience with multiple mid-sized Elixir & Phoenix projects; also deep knowledge of the React & Node ecosystem with large projects.

  • Comfortable working with: Elixir, Phoenix, React/Next, Typescript, Node, Postgres, Contentful, & Azure.

  • Enjoy working across the entire stack: from business needs to user experience, architecture, implementation, operations, and maintenance.

  • Experience leading dev teams but also enjoy the sole contributor role. Happy to coach junior developers.

  • Knows what it takes to build long-lived software and will advocate for code quality and maintainability.

  • Based in Finland; available for remote work within the EU. Fluent in English, Finnish, and Arabic.

  • Available for contracts up to 40 hours per week.

Let’s Collaborate

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