There is a great joy in being good at your craft.

Almost accidentally, I made an observation about myself. I really enjoy doing things that I feel like I am good at. I get a sense of joy from doing these things as well as I can. So purely for happiness reasons, I started my journey on adopting a craftsmanship mentality.

I aim to follow this concept to be a little bit better day-by-day that I can ultimately be closer to the best version of myself.

This post series focuses mainly on the craft of writing code and working professionally as a programmer since it is one of the things I identify with. However, such a mentality is applicable to many other aspects of life.

A great books about tht subject is The Pragmatic Programmer. A lot of my takeaways are coming from reading it so some credit is due to the book and its authors.

This quote summarizes well what this is all about..

Why spend your life developing software unless you care about doing it well? - The Pragmatic Programmer

The series is divided into the following parts: