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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big - Kind of the Story of My Life By Scott Adams Read on July 2019Rating: 9 / 10

Overall a good book that I would recommend.

Scott Adam writes about his own experiences and what has worked out for him to be successful. He points out the importance of following systems instead of goals and tries to have a mathematical approach to the probabilities of sucess. In his view success is a combination between luck, hard work, good timing.

He advocates that in order to be successful one should be in a place where it’s easier for luck to find him. The odds of luck striking increase by trying out different things, learning multiple useful skills, being social and be eager to learn.

The highest priority should be personal energy, without personal energy one can’t pursue any of the above mentioned things. Exercising, eating well and sleeping enough are main contributors to energy.

I also liked the definition of happiness he shared, where he says “ happiness tends to happen naturally whenever you have good health, resources, and a flexible schedule.”

Scott’s view on failure has also been every entertaining and inspiring. He sees it as the raw material of success, systematically we should be looking forward to it, learn from it and move away quickly once we are done with it.

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