Ahmed Mansour proflile Picture.

Hello! I'm Ahmed Mansour, nice to meet you 🤝

I'm a software engineer, entrepreneur, and coding instructor living in Helsinki Finland.

This website is the home of my blog.

In my articles, I write mainly about how to build web applications that are more user-friendly, accessible and performant. I also write non-technical articles about recent books I read, productivity tips and new tools.

As an engineer, I have a strong background in IT services consulting working with a variety of clients from different industries such as eCommerce, paper, energy, and retail sector. My main focus is web software and typically in my projects I act as a frontend lead engineer.

Some of the areas I have experience with:

  • React/Redux
  • Vue/Vuex/Nuxt
  • Headless CMS
  • Nodejs
  • Serverless web architecture

As an entrepreneur, I am working on creating products that solve problems that I encounter and think worth solving. My main projects are Nordgigs and Nordschool (both are work in progress at the moment).

As a coding instructor, I teach the newest web technologies that are used to build scalable fast applications. Find out more here.

You can find out more about how we can collaborate here.

As a human, I have two main hobbies - Brazilian Jujutsu & Salsa dancing. Besides that, I tend to read a lot of non-fiction books and learn (human) languages. You can find my bookshelf here

You can get in touch with me any time, just click here and drop me a message.

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